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Black hereford bulls!
Producing black hereford bulls was a success during 2007 with the J - B being able to provide
several quality bulls for breeding stock.  As we continue to improve and increase our herd with
cattle from reputable ranches and breeders, we have expanded our gene pool to maintain a good
foundation for our cattle.  Our goal, to improve the quality of our bulls, remains as one of our
objectives for 2008.

Our primary herd bull "Monty" continued in '07 to  exhibit conformity in size and excellent eye
pigmentation.   His bull calves are now residing in six different states with Alabama and New
Mexico being added to the list of  Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and North Dakota.  

The first calves from "Rio"  are starting to be born and we anticipate several prospects to be
offered for sale thoughtout the year.

Explore the website and feel free to comment or contact  us if we can be of any assistance
.  Enjoy.
J - B Cattle Company
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American  Black Hereford Association
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New '07 Family Photos
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