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 Once again we have managed to have a very successful sale in Texas.  The 3rd Texas Black Hereford Sale held on March
8 in  Alvarado(Diamond W Arena) continued to offer quality cattle  and expanded activities to include the first Black
Hereford Show.  On Friday March 7, approximately 34 head of show quality stock were shown with multiple classes and
winners from multiple states.  Overall the show turned out to be a good production for the first in Texas.

 The numbers from the sale reflect the hard work to offer the best black herefords.  The J-B cattle were sold for an average
of $5614.00 on a total of 14 head.  Of the bulls offered, the J-B had 6 of the top 10 bulls sold.  We were also proud of the
fact that we had the top selling bull ($11,000.00) for any of the Texas Black Hereford Sales.

Breakdown for the sale:       Bulls - 38 - $189,200.00 - Avg- $4978.95
                                           Females - 52 - $176,200.00 - Avg- $3388.46
                                                         (1)Pair - $6250.00  

 As we have decided to curb our stock production activities to enjoy retirement time, the J-B is proud to announce the
affiliation with the
K-T Cattle Company of Cleburne, Texas.  Kenneth and Tiffany Webb have purchased our herd and will
be offering
J-B stock as well as improved black herefords.   We are looking forward to working with the K-T folks and we
feel that this is a really good opportunity to draw from the knowledge of cattle that thy offer while keeping our involvement
at a manageable level.  

 Kenneth,Tiffany and their son Caleb were involved with this sale by offering cattle and showing some of the J-B stock.  The
following pictures will attest to the fact that quality bulls and heifers are being offered as part of our efforts to improve.  

 The K-T Cattle Company  is a member of the ABHA and TBHA.  Inquiries about the current cattle being offered should be
directed to the K-T primarily but we will still be available for questions.
Questions:  Email - 817-909-7140  -  214-870-2693
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